Carboniferous solvent

Is used as dissolvent of varnish, paint, enamel in machinery industry


External appearance: Transparent liquid from clourless to yellowish without weighted particles including drops of water

1. Density at 20°C, g/cmj 0,860+0,880
2. Sublimation limit 120-170
3. Volatile Dimethylbenzene, not to exceed 2.0
4. Color of sulphur acid, number of sample scale , not to exceed is not rationed
5. Mass fraction of phenol, %, no to exceed 0,02
6. Mass fraction of common sulphur, %, not to exceed 0,15
7. Reaction of aqueous extract Neutral



 Carboniferous toluene


External appearance: Transparent liquid containing no foreign impurities, including water


1. Density at 20°C, g/cmj 0,865+0,867
2. Distillation range: 95% volume from boiling point is
distilled within the following temperature range, °C, max.
3. Toluene, %, min. 99,2
4. Sulphuric acid coloring, reference scale number, max. 0,15
5. Bromine number, max. 0,1
6. Water extract reaction Neutral
7. Copper strip test Withstands
8. Hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans Absence