Adipic acid (GOST 10558-80):


Adipic acid HOOC(CH2)4COOH is white crystalline substance. It possesses all chemical properties of carboxylic acids. It forms salts most of which are soluble in water. It easily esterifies into monoesters and diesters.

In reaction with glycols adipic acid forms polyesters. Adipic acid salts and esters are called adipinates.

Adipic acid is used for production of: hexamethylenediammoniumadipinate (ag-salts), hexamethylenediammoniumsebacinate (sg-salts), adipic acid esters, polyurethanes, plasticizers, lubricants.


Description Standard (higher grade)
1. Adipic acid content, %, max 99,7
2. Color index based on platinum-cobalt scale, hazen units, max 5
3. Melting temperature, C, not lower than 151,5
4. Water content, %, max 0,27
5. Ash content, %, max 0,003
6. Nitric acid content, %, max 0,001
7. Fe, %, max 0,0001
8. Oxidable matter content based on oxalic acid, %, max 0,006
9. Melt color, pt-co scale, hazen units, max 50



Packing: in pp liner bags.


Transportation: by railway/water/road, according to the existing rules of goods transportation.


Storage: inside dry warehouses, at temperatures not exceeding 50 C.


Guaranteed storage life: 1 year from the production date.